mannequin3In addition to our selection of ready-to-wear items, Milan Providence Clothiers is proud to offer you the luxury of designing your own private-label garments, custom-fit to you.

How Made-to-Measure Works

The process is easy: come in to try on some sample garments and have your measurements taken. Next, select from a wide variety of high-end European fabric swatches.

Your measurements and fabric selections are sent to the manufacturer in Europe. In five to seven weeks, your clothing arrives, and you’ll have the satisfaction of owning a unique garment of top quality that is perfectly tailored to your body.

Can’t come to our shop? Let us come to you! Please contact us to inquire about our traveling tailor services.

What is the Value of Made-to-Measure?

Consider that when you shop at any major department store, you’re paying a premium for the marketing behind the brand labels: and those prices don’t necessarily guarantee quality. Your selection is limited to colors that may not suit your complexion or taste, fad-driven styles that pass within a season, and off-the-rack sizing that most likely doesn’t fit you properly.

At Milan Providence Clothiers, you’ll pay prices comparable to the best department stores, but the difference is your investment will result in timeless styles with a perfect made-to-measure fit and the finest superfine wool and cashmere from Italian makers like Loro Piana and Vitale Barberis. And our wide selection of fabric colors allows you to make the best choices to complement your skin tone, eyes and hair. For further personalization, complimentary monogramming is also available.

The jackets, pants and shirts of the made-to-measure line are all interchangeable, so you’ll be able to coordinate numerous outfits with ease. And the exceptional quality of the materials and handmade canvas construction of the suiting means these pieces should last 10 to 15 years.

JiroAbout Jiro

Jiro Darakian is a third generation tailor with almost 40 years of hands-on experience in tailoring and suit-making. He began honing his skills at the age of 16, working alongside his father who had received a diploma in suit making after studying in Milan. Jiro studied fashion design at Parsons in NYC before starting his tailoring business in Rhode Island. Milan Providence Clothiers came to Wayland Square in 2006.

With his extensive experience, Jiro has the highest standards for fabric quality, craftsmanship, value and fit. He uses this knowledge to work with his customers to create garments that they’ll love and look great wearing.